Sunday, February 15, 2009

Words, Phrases, Sentences, Languages, Numbers...Books

Photo taken in the CIT college library.

A great way to spend your time learning would be the library rather than going on to other places of course. You would want to learn more things right? Better stay in the library and read...but also spend time in enjoying yourself, like having a break or snack.

I've been staying in the library since I quit being an online gamer. I admit that I miss those days but when I closed that door it opened a new way for me and it's being a web designer. I've been fascinated by the internet and would like to learn more about it so I decided to learn web designing and read books about it but still as a beginner, I hate to admit that I'm still at the basic part which is HTML. Whew, there still much a long way to go and I'm still 19.

Since my younger days I've been looking on books like the encyclopedia, dictionary, but was never interested in thesaurus (I only read them rarely). I'm interested in books much more related to science, technology, computers, internet. I upgraded from books to the internet which is where you can learn more but as I've been doing online tutorials I've noticed something that there are somethings you can learn on books which are not on the internet. So my tip for those guys or gals who are knowledge thirsty better read books because they're more affordable rather than the internet and you can bring them along. The internet maybe a great source but when your ISP(Internet Service Provider) suddenly cuts of your internet, you can't research or when they're a shortage of electricity or a blackout, you can't do research. Better not leave your books and take care of them.

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