Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Start of a new day, Classes begin...

Well as my latest painting, I think it was going well. I'm still hoping to finish it and make a new one. I really need to buy more materials for my painting. I think school is going to be a tough part of my life because of the hardships that we students can encounter. After school there is graduation and after graduation there is to apply for a job. Not that I am going to graduate this semester. I'm just saying that life is but a challenging experience.

Never experienced being so pressured these days. Come to think of it, I was shouting out loud during the pageant. I have been cheering for the contestants...just giving them a support. Of course, they're from the College Of Arts And Sciences like I am. I just don't know what will happen this next few days and the more days to come. Classes are about to start again and I'm still studying HTML but at only at the beginning part. My Web designing skills are not good and still developing them.

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