Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I got a name...the name's romdhar.

Finally I have thought of a name for my website. I know it sounds odd but maybe it will work out. You can see it's name on top and it's tagline. It's entitled "romdhar : think beyond imagination". Maybe this will do it. My blog is about anything I see on the internet and I post about gossips or rumors that are going around in real life or either on the net, I also post about techs or gadgets, news, business and finance, arts and literature, anything I can see around.

So stay tuned for new updates on my blog...I'm making designs for my webpage and its not that easy learning HTML. I'm still a beginner are still refreshing the past lessons I learned about HTML when I was in 2nd year highschool. I've been downloading graphic softwares and been thinking of what the design will be.

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