Sunday, February 22, 2009

L : Change The World

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L Lawliet
This movie is about L after he defeated Kira but he just got on another world threatening problem. A virus has been developed for the death of humanity. Its main purpose was to cleanse the earth of humans who have no purpose. Regardless of what L has gone through on defeating Yagami Light also known as Kira, L whose real name is L Lawliet, he still has some work to do. L wrote his own name in the deathnote and will die 23 days later.

L who life span is already fixed, still managed to fight against these foes. He also had a counterpart who is also a Scientist and a genius who was also praised by Watari. She is the one who pursues to find L to acquire the virus. As he struggles to hide it, which the virus was carried by a 12 year old girl together with a little boy who is a mathematical genius was named as Near by L. They managed to save the world from its doom and lived a harmonious life.

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