Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Color Blind: Just knew about pets.

Oh man! I just wanted to celebrate that the examinations are finally over...yeah! But, it's just the pre-final exams. There is still the dreaded final examinations and it's another round of pure headache and a motherload of veins sprouting in your head. Just enduring the pressure here at school.

Once I was reading the book about colors in the library but I forgot the books title. I never knew that commonly known pets like domesticated cats and dogs can only see shades of gray. Which means they're color blind. I've learned a lot of knowledge based traditional style of studying in the library. For me, it's better to read rather than spending my time in nonsense activities.

My diet has been crucial and I wanted to loose pounds and get a fitter and toner body. Just like those you usually see on television or either here on the internet. Maybe I have to control my food intake and get my body on exercise and sweat it all out.

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