Monday, February 16, 2009

Learning through mistakes

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Unfinished work during our painting class.

Never been tired these days and still on the survival of my life. My painting skills...well can't notice if I had been improving or not. You can see the picture on my blog post. Maybe you can say that I'm still a beginner and yes I am. As I've been reading the book that me and my mom bought a few days ago, I just noticed that during my high school days, my web designing were until JavaScript but I need to review because I forgot everything.

As I was reading my last post, noticing that I had an error regarding the ISP. People make mistakes and I was really laughing about it because at that time, I was thinking about http (hypertext transfer protocol). So there it goes, my mistake.

Guess I'll won't be posting much this time 'cause of my painting and web design study session. So just wait for the next post. Also, designing for my website maybe a better choice.

Note: Made some edit to my previous post. I just noticed that I wrote the ISP as "Internet Service Protocol" (which was my mistake) and changed it into "Internet Service Provider". I didn't noticed it until now. You can see the post just below.

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