Saturday, February 7, 2009

Valentines : Give A Gift

This season is grab a gift and send it to your loved ones or to your special someone. This season we call Valentines is a season where people, like you and me, give gifts like chocolates, teddies, heart-shaped pillows, and never forget the hugs and kisses.

The best thing about Valentines is you enjoy your time with already know that. Take them in places that they could never forget and cherish that moment in their life. Go get your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband and go on a date either on the mall (go shopping), eat together in a restaurant (never forget the dim room with candle lights on the table), on the park, or just plainly at home but the most important thing is how you express your love to that person. It's not about the material things you give to her/him. It's how you feel about each other express it and make it a joyful moment.

Just don't get too emotional or cry when she/he says the word "I Love You". Oh, by the way just wanted to say advanced Happy Valentines to everyone. Sad to say, as of now, I don't have a girlfriend and still finding the right one for me. So I'll be staying here at home and do some work...that's what I do best.

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