Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lonely Days Painted On Canvas

It has been how many days since I last posted in my blog. So to update, didn't do many things specially in valentines because I don't have a girl to date with and I'm not used to in dating. Seen many artworks in the art gallery is SM but mostly the medium they used was oil but I prefer acrylic and there was only one acrylic painting that I saw.

I've been practicing painting since...uhm....a few months ago? Well, I couldn't remember. Been doing my latest one and still in progress. I've bought new tools for my painting session here at home and bring it at school for the subjects that require my painting skills.

Oohohh...still struggling for my diet and still can't reduce my weight. I've been eating so much and I feel heavier than before. Man...what should I do? I really wanted to loose weight again. There are certainly lots of things to talk about when I was gone and can't make a post a few days ago due to absence of internet at our place.

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