Monday, March 30, 2009

Cebuana Beauties

As I was viewing some Youtube vids around the internet and was really bored of what video to watch. So I decided to look for beauties around the net and decided to watch pinay girls from our local place which is Cebu and I really enjoyed watching this.

As I was watching the vid I really saw a familiar face there. She's really beautiful, not just the slideshow of pics that you see here in the video but also in person...and yes speaking if "in person" I really met her personally but was too shy to even speak in front of her. I was amazed of her beauty and was stunned by her looks. Not to prolong the excitement...I just wanted to tell her name, it's Anne Margarette Bang. In order to know more about her just do a search on her just Google it.

I never knew there were this kind of beauties roaming around our place. Their beauty and elegance are proudly to be said as Cebuanas. According to surveys that I had gained information from television that Cebu is one of the places where there are lots of beautiful women to be found here in the Philippines.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reelee Fanee Lolcats! har har har

As I have been going on around the internet I have found a website. It's really interesting and gave me a laugh about it. This site gives some comedy to the pictures and videos of cats. I really like how they do it and not just a bunch of pictures being uploaded on the site but gives you entertainment. Lolcats that's what this site is all about and tons of funny pictures, videos you can see.

click to enlarge thumbnails

This is definitely one unique site and I have never seen anything like this. I can't take pictures of our cat and upload it, you know I'm lazy in uploading and I suck at blogging. To tell you more about this site and its process on making Lolcats pictures I'll tell you the steps: 1) Upload a picture of your choice or the pictures that they have, 2) Write some funny captions, give your Lolcat picture some humor and just be a comedian just for a few seconds, and 3) Submit it and after that you can share it to anyone, friends, or either family members you want to put a smile on their face. The sites name is

Enjoy are some other pictures you might want to see.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009

new Alesana music video

I've been a great fan of this band and yeah! They rock! So I have been listening to their music countless times and here I saw a new music video of Alesana. They have been , for my ears and music loving, one of bands that I'd listen until my ears explode (just joking). I may also have a passion for music but my talent for musical instruments are so uncivilized, so if you don't understand I'll tell you that I can't play guitar, I can't play drums, I can't play most musical instrument that any musician can. Yup, I maybe talented when it comes to visual arts but not at music. So enough of the talking...just watch this nice vid of them, the bands name again is Alesana and the Mtv is entitled Seduction. I just found it about just this month and I think it was just released about this year, not much rumors heard about this.

I really like how Dennis screams and how he does his moves in the vid and also Shawn. They really do a great band and I know that they will last longer. You can never see any other band like this. I really like the meaning of their songs just like their first famous music video which was Ambrosia.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Terror days face me.

It's almost at the end of the second semester and time goes by real fast. Never thought that this would end and I'll surely miss my fellow classmates, the things we have gone through, the laughter that we have shared, and the special moments that we have cherished.

One thing in my mind that comes out at this moment are the final examinations. I've been trying to study and devote my time in reading books and gave my attention to art. Time is really crucial due to the fact that I was not born a genius in academics. Memorization has been a trial for me but at times I strive hard to excel.

It's been years that I have spent together with these specific friends but sad to say they are going to graduate. I have spent time with them with joy and sadness but they will soon fade away. They may have finished college but it is still the start of reality and maybe I will encounter it when I graduate. They may go away but they will stay in my memories...I may meet new friends but it may feel awkward due to similarities. Years may pass but I tend to show people happy faces despite the sadness I have gone through. There are so many struggles I will encounter but here I stand and fight back.

Friday, March 13, 2009

One crazy video I've found.

Here is one awesome video I've found on the net and it's really cool to watch it. It's about a video and a compilation on Europeans who make crazy things and it's dangerous. It's quite similar to other videos like the famous Jackass and WildBoyz. There are tons of videos like these you can find on the internet and it's entertaining from my point of view. The title of the vid is entertaining itself so just enjoy and watch it.

The last compilation was the awesome part which is ranked as #1 and you'll know it when you watch the video. It makes you laugh thinking if this would happen to you or you'll get mad if people do something annoying or make a surprise attack. I think these guys are famous in their place.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kodak EasyShare M883 Zoom Digital Camera

A camera that has a sleek design and comes in three different colors. The colors that are available in M883 are Slate, Midnight Black, and Red Hot but not all colors are available in all countries. It has 8 Megapixels for prints up to 30 inches x 40 inches, 3x optical zoom lens, Huge 3.0 in. (7.6 cm) wide-angle viewing LCD, its design is stylish all-metal body and a wide viewing LCD, has Face detection technology and High ISO up to 3200, and Digital Image stabilization.

8 megapixels means a high quality picture for high quality prints and make prints as large as up to 30 x 40 in. You can choose to either print at home, at retail, or you can either print online. With 3x optical zoom lens you can capture such detail and can give you the details that you want with your picture without reducing image quality. It also gives you a 5x continuous digital zoom lens.

What comes with M883? It also has scene modes and picture enhancing features with 5 color and 23 scene modes, including sport, snow, beach, sunset, and more. This camera isn't just about taking photos but also you can record video. It's TV video quality is 640 x 480 at 30 fps with audio capture, playback, and on-camera editing its video print options include 1, 4, 9 and 16-up prints.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Tobi Fanart

Here is my first fan art submission to deviantART. It's just a practice digital painting and it took me a long time to make it. Several hours of course due to the tight schedule. I've been trying to make works for online exposure and hoping to work for commissions.

The story of this work is quite mysterious. I just wanted to depict that Tobi/Uchiha Madara should be secretive in his works. It's like he is trying to do some dark power planning or something. By the way, the background is made by my imagination therefore the background does not really exist. Which also means that the background does not exist in the Naruto Universe.

I have been trying to develop by digital painting skills and also my traditional paintings. I've noticed that I have gotten even better than before because I have been practicing these days and can't even manage to design my blog.

Friday, March 6, 2009

deviantART : where ART meets application!

Need a place to stay? Not on the real world but a place to hang out on the internet. That is not for ordinary people just passing time on social networking sites but a place for computer graphic artists or digital artists. It is also a place for gathering visual artist whose purpose is to show their artwork to the world. Maybe it is a good start to show those sketches and paintings in the internet to gain exposure and maybe some art collectors will buy your works or companies will have a demand on your style of art. For me, this is the most popular art community in the world. It hosts millions of artwork all around the globe.To make the introduction short, this website is named deviantART.

DeviantART is a place where artist alike can interact and expose their works uploading from your computer via the internet. Users can also add friends and view works from other artists. Share their works and enable it to be downloaded by users or viewers from around the globe. Some artists are even professionals and others are hobbyists or just plain viewers or art enthusiasts. You can gain lots of views when many people appreciate your works, take note, some can even gain thousands of views because of their hardwork and popularity. Those professionals make works of art because they were hired and they were demanded to make commission works. The money that digital artist gain from their work is questionable which means I'm not knowledgable on how much they earn. There are artists that you might want to gain influence from and see how they did it.

There are lots of categories to choose from like Traditional Art, Digital Art, Photography, Literature, Artisan Crafts, Designs & Interfaces, Flash, Film & Animation, Game Development Art, Manga/Anime, Anthro, Cartoons & Comics, Fan Art, Customization, Resources & Stock Images, deviantART Related, Community Project, and Scraps. Just for you to know more about this site just visit and enjoy your may want to register and show off your work.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Painting...Before And After

When there is traditional...there is also digital. You know what I mean? Guess not, well what I'm talking about is the mother of all arts which is painting. Since old times painting has been a good hobby for art enthusiasts and as well as ordinary people like you and me.

These days painting has not faded in the entertainment scene but has improvised. When you talk about painting, you think of a canvas, a set of oil paints, acrylic paints and other materials used. But what is most talked about in these ages when it comes to 2d visual arts is Digital Painting. This kind of painting is painting via the computer or your laptop using the mouse and the most deadliest weapon used in this art is the world famous pen and tablet. A pen and tablet is a gadget used to paint digitally and is composed of two parts which is the pen and the tablet. You may feel uneasy at first using it but as time goes by it's going to be easy as 1,2,3.

Some visual artists getting into this kind of jobs are called digital painters and they usually make works for companies, comics, books, novels, or they either go freelance and wait for offers to come. This kind of job is not that hard if you are into art of course and maybe if your specialty is painting. There are some art communities that host digital art but the most popular is deviantART. You can see artists there that whose talents are tremendous and as of now yet unmatched. Just don't be discouraged when you see their works, but all I can say to those who want to join the world of digital art...just practice and work hard because that is what people who achieved their dreams did.