Friday, February 6, 2009

Earn Money Online

There are lots of ways to earn money online but the common way to earn money online is through blog or website advertising. One common example is Google Adsense but there are some online advertising like Bidvertiser, AdBrite, Clicksor and many more. A next example would be Selling Ad Space like Blog to Profit, Money4Blogs, Chitika, Crisp Ads, grokAds, Tagword, Textlink Ads. The third example would be Paid Blogging where you make a post about a product and get paid about it, an example on Paid Blogging would be PayPerPost, Social Spark, and ReviewMe. Fourth example is Paid Outsourced Service like Rent-a-Coder, Scriptlance, Getafreelancer, and eLance. Fifth example is Affiliate Marketing where sell someone else's products these are the sites that are available Commission Junction, LinkShare, ShareaSale, and Clickbank. Sixth would be Online Selling like,, where you sell your products online. Seventh is HYIP and Autosurf Investing but this is a very dangerous way to earn money online because it is just like gambling and you may loose all of your money in this industry. The last Get-paid-to (GPT) Programs not much money is earned from these sites due to most sites here are ending up as scams just like HYIP but one GPT site is supported by McAfee, BlockDos.Net and is even a Paypal and Alertpay verified that site would be Neobux.

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