Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New pic for my social networking sites.

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Yeah I just got my new pic ready. It's for my social networking sites and as you can see you can view it here in my post. I've been doing a lot of study regarding HTML and more a lot about blogging.

There are still problems regarding school. I think I can't make the portfolio for my Package Design class but the good news is I had been painting for my fourth artwork and its subject is a flower because I saw some flowers along my way at home. At first I felt I was hesitating on painting it but...yeah because of the new canvas I bought, I just got a grip on it. The canvas feels good and when you start to make a stroke on it.

I think I'll be using this photo on my about page when I feel like making one. So hold your breath because I'm not yet finished in making this blog and it is still in contruction.

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  1. You look sad in your photo. Cheer up! Hehe.. (Kidding)

    HTML is an easy programming language. Not really a headache for newbies out there. Try learning some highly advanced languages like PHP... that's if you want to!?