Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This is not EMO.

I was really glad that my grades are not all going down. My grades you ask? Well these are the grades from the semester I just finished and was really happy that I passed most of the subjects that I enrolled. I was like..."Dude, look at my grades they're great and mostly passed but except the two!" (I sounded like I was happy about the dropped subjects.). I was really trying my best to make things up. My life is messy and been trying to do something extraordinary that not any normal person can do. I'm not really a lousy kid that just does not pay attention to college and give your parents headaches for not paying attention at class. Some even go to parties and get drunk, go wild, and yet tomorrow...hang over. Some even get bruises from parties that they go to due to alcohol and don't forget the misunderstandings.

I'm still relying on my Moms money to go to college but nowadays I'm finding a job and I think that would be home-based. A work that would likely be able to use my talent and earn from it and right now I've been browsing around some sites to find some company to apply for a part-time job. Before that "on the net job hunt syndrome", I am really eager to get a credit card to put it to use on payment processors and that is where will my money earned from work goes and later I will decide on where to spend it. Oh, being that I am an Anime fanatic and search engine addicted, and also an internet addict. Samurai Champloo was really a great Anime and I'll be making a blog post about it. I would not want to make a mess with that work, better make researches before posting some stuff about it.

These days are good days at least as I was watching some girl in the window. Yeah, you could think what I was thinking, I was really sight seeing. I am amazed by her beauty and really I have a deep appreciation for girls. Not to mention I was also with friends but was not really annoyed by them. I'll try to be more artistic and practice to hone my skills as an artist. Never been hyped up and pray that tomorrow will be a good day.

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