Monday, March 30, 2009

Cebuana Beauties

As I was viewing some Youtube vids around the internet and was really bored of what video to watch. So I decided to look for beauties around the net and decided to watch pinay girls from our local place which is Cebu and I really enjoyed watching this.

As I was watching the vid I really saw a familiar face there. She's really beautiful, not just the slideshow of pics that you see here in the video but also in person...and yes speaking if "in person" I really met her personally but was too shy to even speak in front of her. I was amazed of her beauty and was stunned by her looks. Not to prolong the excitement...I just wanted to tell her name, it's Anne Margarette Bang. In order to know more about her just do a search on her just Google it.

I never knew there were this kind of beauties roaming around our place. Their beauty and elegance are proudly to be said as Cebuanas. According to surveys that I had gained information from television that Cebu is one of the places where there are lots of beautiful women to be found here in the Philippines.

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  1. Well, she is pretty! ^__^ But sana hindi ka naging shy type. Hehehe! :)) Sana magkita ulit kayo. Wahaha! :) By the way. Link ex?