Saturday, April 18, 2009

Decipher The Master Plan

I know that I've been busy these days doing sketches and stuff that make me improve my skills during these days. I did really make a good choice to practice and it has just been a month or so to take me the next level in art.

I've been doing on and off studies regarding color combination, drawing the human anatomy in both males and females. I need to master this as this will be used in work. I've been finding a job as a CG artist as a digital painter, line artist, conceptual artist or any visual art it may be.

In my Web Design study I think it will take me about months or about a year or so to master it. I know some people are making fun of me and their trying to make other people think that I'm gay or so that is what they think. I'm also trying to tell you that it won't work. I'm a straight guy and my body tells me to find a woman.

I know that there are many struggles in life that I have to encounter and it's going to be a very long way. I know what's going on and I have a strong feeling about it. The Journal post may not be every Sundays but maybe many times a week.

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