Thursday, April 16, 2009


Fame is really a great thing to hear aside from aside from it being carried by most commonly known people as celebrities. These celebrities are praised being talented and their talent is widely known to the public. Most commonly known talents are actors, actresses, models or any other TV personality. Behind those praises...lies darkness.

Well some people really don't praise these popularly known people. Some or most people even use their names for hideous crimes, call them names that hurt their feelings, spread rumors that are not even true which these things destroy their lives. They earn money for a living being famous but behind these things they carry such burden, mostly are problems.

They may be defined as haters. I know why you are thinking I entitled this post as fame. Haters are those people who take in action those criminal acts. They even enjoy doing it without even knowing they could be sent to prison. Life has its own ways and we can't change the fact that it is going to be like that.

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