Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just a post for today

I'm really exhausted of doing extracurricular activities at home. I am also having summer class at college. I usually practice doing sketches here at home rather than at school 'cause it's embarrassing. I only seldom let other people see how I sketch and to tell them, I'm a shy type. That was before but now, maybe I'm much more confident than before. I'm trying to build up my skills even more. If I working as a CG artist, well in this kind of industry they work solo. CG artists don't have a crew actually 'cause they are not the same as actors or actresses. They don't have any managers as long as they're solo. They either work in a studio or work as freelancers. I'd rather play both being a studio member and if I don't have an offer in a studio then better work freelance.

People think mostly than I'm crazy or a mad man due to the fact that I only go from home to school most of my everyday life. It's a lifestyle that I have and as I always tell everyone I don't have a nightlife in clubs but stay at home to browse the web or read books. I don't even have vices like drinking beer or any hard liquor, smoking, I don't even go to night clubs, but the thing I do is do researches on topics that I can use on work. I don't even have a manager and I work solo and it's much better that way. Life has gotten even harder, I can't even manage to eat lunch here at home and I have to eat lunch at school.

I still have so many rumors going around at school but I can only catch small details through my ears. No one even dares to tell me and I'm not that daring to ask. Some even tell me, that I have become gay, out-of-school youth, a beer belly, a maniac, a crazy person, someone who has just gone out of the mental institution, a pet of someone else, use my name such as "sugo ni Robin, ingon si Robin", and many more versions of that. I've been enduring these things being used and I have to endure it. Most people even believe that and that's what rumors are about mostly they're lies to destroy someone.

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