Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Hot Post

As I have been busy these past few days, it's because I've been doing some studying and it caused me some headache. The exams that I took, to tell you, is really difficult. I studied the whole thing and it was really messy in my room. My things were scattered all around, my room just got dirt all over. There are these assignments that I had to do. Man, it is hard to be a student.

You can't see what will happen in the next day, nobody really knows. You will never know what will be the outcome of your actions. Trying hard to improve my studying skills but as it turned out I have limitations as I am not a genius. Everybody has his own limitations and there is also a time to relax. Aside from studying lessons from our subject that I took this summer, I also do sketches at home just practicing to improve my skills.

Most of my posts are journals, maybe I can't post much on other categories. Man it is hot this summer. Hope it gets cool this 1st semester in the start of classes. I'll be reviewing HTML after these freaky busy days.

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