Sunday, April 12, 2009

Busy days never go away

Well, It's early morning that I'm going to make this post and here it is. Today is the start of summer classes and but before that I just want to summarize the happenings that occured during these past few days. I was supposed to make a blog post about myself every sundays as a journal but as yesterday somebody was using the PC so I did it this morning.

I can only remember small details in the past so I'm going to start obtaining my official study load which I went to school but sadly the registrar said it was not available. So I just stayed at the school lobby for quiet some time to rest and enjoy the fun with Argie which is a friend of mine and so and talked to friends. I was really enjoying the company of girls that were near us. So and after that we ate lunch at a carenderia which at that time it was the only place for us to eat. After that I went home to finish a part of my work.

On the second time me and my mom together with my nephew Andre, we went to SM to buy art materials and books for me to learn more about painting. I was reading the books about acrylics painting and how to draw the human figure which is a complete guide. I really enjoyed the books and gained knowledge of the techniques and what materials to use in painting.

I really wanted to loose weight and do some exercises and diets but it's hard due to a busy schedule. I really wanted to have a nice looking body physique and I'll do my best to obtain it. Guess I all have to work hard.

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  1. wow a book about acrylic painting and how to draw human body lol I envy you for having books like that and yeah :D ako rin I really want to learn how to paint too and diet lol same here I want to lose weight this summer yet imbis na pumayat tumaba ako lol XD