Sunday, April 5, 2009

No Summer Vacation

So this time I got to finish my enrollment for this summer and yep, I got to take the subject that I once dropped last semester. I won't be going to any hot spots this summer but I'll be attending school to learn and it may be just a minor subject but its worth it. Being busy these days is tiring and to shake it off I got to go along with my mom my aunt and a friend of ours. We were going to a mall to buy for my materials and went to other places for the venue of a special event.

I just bought myself a comic book and it was entitled "Marvel Heroes" and I was happy enough to grab a copy of my own and very first comic book. The books that I had were tutorials on how to draw comics/manga. I was really planning to buy art books that teaches you how to paint efficiently. Maybe, it would be the next time I can earn some money from work.

So this August 8 I will be claiming my official study load at school and maybe have a time to relax a bit and enjoy. To all other people out there just enjoy the summer heat.

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