Friday, April 10, 2009

Behind Beauty

I never imagined that models would trip off on the runway despite how experienced they were in this industry and they really do look funny. I really admire them even though they get messed up in public and that's why I really like to watch models do their catwalk.They look sexy in their outfits and give a good impression to the audience.

Female models have difficulty in walking on the runway due to the shoes or sandals that they are wearing. High heels may cause danger to them and may affect their performance on the show. Some fashion designs are even weird and maybe because it's art and the designers might want to show it off. As I was watching the video, I am really concerned of the models 'cause they might get hurt or get scolded.

Female models are the main attraction in the show, for me. It's because of the grace and elegance that they show and not just because how beautiful they are its also how they carry themselves as models. You might want to watch the video.

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