Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What I See, What I Get

If you have noticed I could not post directly when I come home it's because of having a sleepy attack. Due to school and boring mood tends to make me drowsy. I've been always reading the Art Fundamentals book in the library and which made me learn more things about art and gave me rich ideas for my course.

Art for me is the best way to express your imagination. I really like the course I'm taking and it gives me peace of mind. Come to think of it, only a few things are happening in my life. I'm still thinking what to paint for my second artwork but can't decide what it is.

There are lots of things to do specially school and the most hated part is exams which brings headaches, eye bags, and makes you drink lots of coffee. You tend to see lots of letters and numbers which makes you dizzy and go puke. I need to study, of course, to pass and graduate and live a happy life I think.

Oh by the way, I saw them again and they looked pretty in the clothes they were wearing. I thought I was going to have a nosebleed. Really hoping to see them again. They rather give me a nice mood every time my eyes see them.

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