Saturday, January 24, 2009

Silly Things

I was curious about what was happening at school. I really do know that they were spreading rumors again. They were once making rumors that a prophecy was real of something. They had this grudge against me, I think. I heard one rumor about me again and it's about "people that know me won't get a job when they graduate". What the hell is that about?

I was not really giving a damn about that stuff. I know that people are jealous of what I have and I accept that. People don't know that it is not easy being me. It sounds like I got that line from a song. I really don't know who started that and they still think that I'm deaf and don't hear what's happening around. They are lucky that they were not born like me.Are they making fun of me? Maybe I have to find it out.

I was in the library reading a book about arts and learned stuff from it. There are some terms that I don't know about arts because I'm not really an expert or a genius or something because I also tend to forget. I knew something new like Etching, it is like hatching or cross-hatching. I think it a line art and has good effects and I've been doing it using pen and ink. The paintings that I saw in the book look familiar and been really fascinated on old paintings.

When I was walking along the corridor, that is when I noticed about these people I know making a distance. I really knew they were planning about something. I really don't know who started it but the awful thing that they did was a criminal act. Come to think that they were planning in taking away friends of mine. It is just better if they mind their own business. I get mad sometimes too you know. I just don't know the results that would happen about this.

I have been thinking on pursuing on my course. I have been studying on the arts and have been thinking on specializing my skills.

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