Thursday, January 15, 2009

On The Heat

Yesterday I was not able to post here because I had a fever and even until now. Along the way to school I met a friend of mine but I was really busy so I could not talk to him. It was cold and my body was shivering and never had any coat whatsoever. During the submission of the results of the test exams in our Computer class, I was really surprised that I got a good score. Never studied that much before the exam took place, maybe I'll get a headache.

My body was really unstable and I got a high fever but enduring it would be the best choice. I would never want to faint and wake up being in the clinic. I just saw them again and was really conscious about what is happening around. The weather was really cold for me and it heated up when they came, they were ladies of course.

I had to go to class and got my score for the Literatures of the World class but could not withstand my fever and we all went home so I got to bed so early and even forgot to brush my teeth.

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