Monday, January 26, 2009

Adjust The Time

I was not able to blog yesterday you know. Really, because there were lots of things to do. I really wanted to finish my studies as soon as possible. Hoping to work in a big company and have a big monthly salary to support my needs.

I've just finished my first painting and it's my first painting ever painted on canvas. I never really liked the result but maybe in the near future I'm going to improve in the world of arts. My skills are far from people I know and they're much better than I am. Their skills are compared to famous painters.

I have been thinking on adjusting my schedule because of school. We were grouped again at our sociology class for our last project and hope that all of us would cooperate. It's a project about making a video and a story about social acceptance. Most of my group mates were my past classmates from another subject and also my friends and a number of them have been my friends for years.

I think I'm not going to go home every end of our computer class and stay at the college library. Read books, finish home works, make project or just plainly hang out with my friends. Well for me I'd rather practice on drawing.

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