Sunday, March 1, 2009

Painting...Before And After

When there is traditional...there is also digital. You know what I mean? Guess not, well what I'm talking about is the mother of all arts which is painting. Since old times painting has been a good hobby for art enthusiasts and as well as ordinary people like you and me.

These days painting has not faded in the entertainment scene but has improvised. When you talk about painting, you think of a canvas, a set of oil paints, acrylic paints and other materials used. But what is most talked about in these ages when it comes to 2d visual arts is Digital Painting. This kind of painting is painting via the computer or your laptop using the mouse and the most deadliest weapon used in this art is the world famous pen and tablet. A pen and tablet is a gadget used to paint digitally and is composed of two parts which is the pen and the tablet. You may feel uneasy at first using it but as time goes by it's going to be easy as 1,2,3.

Some visual artists getting into this kind of jobs are called digital painters and they usually make works for companies, comics, books, novels, or they either go freelance and wait for offers to come. This kind of job is not that hard if you are into art of course and maybe if your specialty is painting. There are some art communities that host digital art but the most popular is deviantART. You can see artists there that whose talents are tremendous and as of now yet unmatched. Just don't be discouraged when you see their works, but all I can say to those who want to join the world of digital art...just practice and work hard because that is what people who achieved their dreams did.

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