Monday, March 16, 2009

Terror days face me.

It's almost at the end of the second semester and time goes by real fast. Never thought that this would end and I'll surely miss my fellow classmates, the things we have gone through, the laughter that we have shared, and the special moments that we have cherished.

One thing in my mind that comes out at this moment are the final examinations. I've been trying to study and devote my time in reading books and gave my attention to art. Time is really crucial due to the fact that I was not born a genius in academics. Memorization has been a trial for me but at times I strive hard to excel.

It's been years that I have spent together with these specific friends but sad to say they are going to graduate. I have spent time with them with joy and sadness but they will soon fade away. They may have finished college but it is still the start of reality and maybe I will encounter it when I graduate. They may go away but they will stay in my memories...I may meet new friends but it may feel awkward due to similarities. Years may pass but I tend to show people happy faces despite the sadness I have gone through. There are so many struggles I will encounter but here I stand and fight back.

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