Friday, March 6, 2009

deviantART : where ART meets application!

Need a place to stay? Not on the real world but a place to hang out on the internet. That is not for ordinary people just passing time on social networking sites but a place for computer graphic artists or digital artists. It is also a place for gathering visual artist whose purpose is to show their artwork to the world. Maybe it is a good start to show those sketches and paintings in the internet to gain exposure and maybe some art collectors will buy your works or companies will have a demand on your style of art. For me, this is the most popular art community in the world. It hosts millions of artwork all around the globe.To make the introduction short, this website is named deviantART.

DeviantART is a place where artist alike can interact and expose their works uploading from your computer via the internet. Users can also add friends and view works from other artists. Share their works and enable it to be downloaded by users or viewers from around the globe. Some artists are even professionals and others are hobbyists or just plain viewers or art enthusiasts. You can gain lots of views when many people appreciate your works, take note, some can even gain thousands of views because of their hardwork and popularity. Those professionals make works of art because they were hired and they were demanded to make commission works. The money that digital artist gain from their work is questionable which means I'm not knowledgable on how much they earn. There are artists that you might want to gain influence from and see how they did it.

There are lots of categories to choose from like Traditional Art, Digital Art, Photography, Literature, Artisan Crafts, Designs & Interfaces, Flash, Film & Animation, Game Development Art, Manga/Anime, Anthro, Cartoons & Comics, Fan Art, Customization, Resources & Stock Images, deviantART Related, Community Project, and Scraps. Just for you to know more about this site just visit and enjoy your may want to register and show off your work.

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