Saturday, March 21, 2009

new Alesana music video

I've been a great fan of this band and yeah! They rock! So I have been listening to their music countless times and here I saw a new music video of Alesana. They have been , for my ears and music loving, one of bands that I'd listen until my ears explode (just joking). I may also have a passion for music but my talent for musical instruments are so uncivilized, so if you don't understand I'll tell you that I can't play guitar, I can't play drums, I can't play most musical instrument that any musician can. Yup, I maybe talented when it comes to visual arts but not at music. So enough of the talking...just watch this nice vid of them, the bands name again is Alesana and the Mtv is entitled Seduction. I just found it about just this month and I think it was just released about this year, not much rumors heard about this.

I really like how Dennis screams and how he does his moves in the vid and also Shawn. They really do a great band and I know that they will last longer. You can never see any other band like this. I really like the meaning of their songs just like their first famous music video which was Ambrosia.

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