Monday, May 4, 2009

Table Of Imaginations

One of the things that I really wanted in my room is a drafting table. It's one of the best things that a visual artist can get. I was really excited of having one of these when I saw it in National Bookstore and asked my mom if I could have it and she said "yes". So it's already in my room and I have used it already. It's adjustable and it depends on your preference on what angle you are comfortable with. You can use it as a replacement for an easel, it's much better than an ordinary table and it really gives me the freedom.

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You can see magazines, books, comics, sketchpads, and also acrylics paints. I've bought them to learn and also the FHM mag for more knowledge and reference of female anatomy.I've been really practicing and achieving to be one of the greatest visual artists that are known in these times. As far as I've known, artists like Kerem Beyit have been practicing for a long time and he has become one of the greatest. I really wanted to draw like he does and that's one of the reasons that I am practicing. I'm really doing my best to get there.

I have never forgotten studying web design but I am still keeping the books that I bought. I'm going to review the chapter that I have read and take notes of the tags that I have been through. I have memorized lots of HTML tags and there lots more to study such as CSS and Javascript.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rumor Rampage

There are still lots and lots of things going on in my mind. Due to the fact that people are usually making fun of me and backstabbing me. They always do that and enjoy it and they don't even know what they were doing. I also hear rumors about me that they think I'm a priest or work on for church, to tell you the truth I'm not that religious person. They make rumors that I have STD, AIDS, or any sickness that can infect other people. Oh yeah, and they're serious doing that.

As of this summer I know there are still lots of these wicked things going on. I'm 19 years old and most people think I'm 25 - 30 years of age. What the hell is wrong with the world? I think they're the ones who are insane. As long the thing is important to me is, I'm serious in studying practicing in drawing, painting, and graphic softwares 'cause it is what I can use at work.

I've been sick of these rumor mouth things but one day I'll fight back.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

One Hot Post

As I have been busy these past few days, it's because I've been doing some studying and it caused me some headache. The exams that I took, to tell you, is really difficult. I studied the whole thing and it was really messy in my room. My things were scattered all around, my room just got dirt all over. There are these assignments that I had to do. Man, it is hard to be a student.

You can't see what will happen in the next day, nobody really knows. You will never know what will be the outcome of your actions. Trying hard to improve my studying skills but as it turned out I have limitations as I am not a genius. Everybody has his own limitations and there is also a time to relax. Aside from studying lessons from our subject that I took this summer, I also do sketches at home just practicing to improve my skills.

Most of my posts are journals, maybe I can't post much on other categories. Man it is hot this summer. Hope it gets cool this 1st semester in the start of classes. I'll be reviewing HTML after these freaky busy days.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just a post for today

I'm really exhausted of doing extracurricular activities at home. I am also having summer class at college. I usually practice doing sketches here at home rather than at school 'cause it's embarrassing. I only seldom let other people see how I sketch and to tell them, I'm a shy type. That was before but now, maybe I'm much more confident than before. I'm trying to build up my skills even more. If I working as a CG artist, well in this kind of industry they work solo. CG artists don't have a crew actually 'cause they are not the same as actors or actresses. They don't have any managers as long as they're solo. They either work in a studio or work as freelancers. I'd rather play both being a studio member and if I don't have an offer in a studio then better work freelance.

People think mostly than I'm crazy or a mad man due to the fact that I only go from home to school most of my everyday life. It's a lifestyle that I have and as I always tell everyone I don't have a nightlife in clubs but stay at home to browse the web or read books. I don't even have vices like drinking beer or any hard liquor, smoking, I don't even go to night clubs, but the thing I do is do researches on topics that I can use on work. I don't even have a manager and I work solo and it's much better that way. Life has gotten even harder, I can't even manage to eat lunch here at home and I have to eat lunch at school.

I still have so many rumors going around at school but I can only catch small details through my ears. No one even dares to tell me and I'm not that daring to ask. Some even tell me, that I have become gay, out-of-school youth, a beer belly, a maniac, a crazy person, someone who has just gone out of the mental institution, a pet of someone else, use my name such as "sugo ni Robin, ingon si Robin", and many more versions of that. I've been enduring these things being used and I have to endure it. Most people even believe that and that's what rumors are about mostly they're lies to destroy someone.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Decipher The Master Plan

I know that I've been busy these days doing sketches and stuff that make me improve my skills during these days. I did really make a good choice to practice and it has just been a month or so to take me the next level in art.

I've been doing on and off studies regarding color combination, drawing the human anatomy in both males and females. I need to master this as this will be used in work. I've been finding a job as a CG artist as a digital painter, line artist, conceptual artist or any visual art it may be.

In my Web Design study I think it will take me about months or about a year or so to master it. I know some people are making fun of me and their trying to make other people think that I'm gay or so that is what they think. I'm also trying to tell you that it won't work. I'm a straight guy and my body tells me to find a woman.

I know that there are many struggles in life that I have to encounter and it's going to be a very long way. I know what's going on and I have a strong feeling about it. The Journal post may not be every Sundays but maybe many times a week.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Fame is really a great thing to hear aside from aside from it being carried by most commonly known people as celebrities. These celebrities are praised being talented and their talent is widely known to the public. Most commonly known talents are actors, actresses, models or any other TV personality. Behind those praises...lies darkness.

Well some people really don't praise these popularly known people. Some or most people even use their names for hideous crimes, call them names that hurt their feelings, spread rumors that are not even true which these things destroy their lives. They earn money for a living being famous but behind these things they carry such burden, mostly are problems.

They may be defined as haters. I know why you are thinking I entitled this post as fame. Haters are those people who take in action those criminal acts. They even enjoy doing it without even knowing they could be sent to prison. Life has its own ways and we can't change the fact that it is going to be like that.